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Bokura ga ita episode list

bokura ga ita episode list

Following an unexpected visit from Michiko, her former friend and aladdin sega pc game wife of Yano's father, Yoko became increasingly paranoid, fearing he would leave her.
Afterwards, they go on a date to the movies.Yano decides to start over with Nanami and tries to contact her on the telephone.Then comes the day of the Cultural Festival.6 It is licensed for regional language releases in France by Soleil Productions, in Germany by Egmont Manga Anime and in Argentina and Spain by Editorial Ivrea.During their conversation, a severely over-worked and anaemic Nanami falls down from a flight of stairs and is brought to the hospital injured and unconscious.9 "Episode Nine" (9) August 28, 2006 All alone with Motoharu at his house, Nanami actually suggest that they finally "do it".35 It aired for twenty-six episodes until its conclusion on December 25, 2006.He has a hard time trusting Nanami, and displays jealousy and possessiveness, but he is also shown to be really childish and willing to receive affection (Nanami even compares him with a cat at one point).Upon meeting Nanami for the first time in more than five years, Yano claims he is in love with another woman.At school Motoharu tries to apologize but then as he is rejected he collapses from a cold.Their romance takes an unexpected turn when Yano finds out that his mother, Yoko, wants to move.One of the girls in their class brings an old yearbook to class and even Nanami has acquired an interest in it but she is caught by Yano, looking at the Asahi yearbook.26 "Episode Twenty-Six" (26) December 25, 2006 Christmas is only a few weeks away however Nanami and Motoharu may not be able to spend it together as he's decided to follow his Mom to Tokyo.

So Nanami gets the idea to go to his house and see him.Due to Nanami's lack of sleep, she has a hard time keeping up with all of the upcoming events.A tradition at the Festival is for young lovers to confess their love for one another and Yano takes the opportunity to confesses his love for Nanami.She was the first woman Yano ever loved, which made her one of the most important obstacles in the relationship between him and Nanami.A b / 13 (in Japanese).He eventually manages to recover with Nanami and Takeuchi's help.8 (in Japanese).21 "Episode Twenty-One" (21) November 20, 2006 Nanami's parents are going to a wedding on the weekend, so she takes this opportunity to invite Motoharu to sleepover.Even with things as there are between them, Nanami is still worried about Motoharu and goes to visit but then Yuri walks out of his house.Meanwhile Takeuchi is on a date but he can't seem to get Nanami of his mind." CD" (in Japanese).
The finale of the manga shows Yano proposing to Nanami and then visiting Yamamoto Nana's grave site with her.

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